Road Bike Frame

Fitting Your Needs

For many of us, the well-intentioned but casual bike rider, who privately thinks he may become Lance Armstrong’s heir, if only we had more time each day to ride our road bicycles. The bike frame is actually what we’re talking about, something new, colorful, and shiny. We believe the car motorists will be jealous when they watch us flashing through the snarl of everyday traffic. Truly, the road bike frame is a thing of beauty and may be the main reason we enjoy bicycling.

Factors To Consider

If you are fortunate to be considering a new bicycle, you certainly need to look at a number of factors apart from the color of the bike frame. Face it. When you’re on the way home from a lengthy Sunday ride and you’re riding your thirty-fifth mile, going into a stiff headwind, you will certainly not care whether your bike frame is Bianchi Green or Cobalt Blue. The seat tube length, the top tube length, and the angles of the three main frame tubes together will help (or hinder) you, but color certainly will not help.

road bike frame photo

Photo by gingerchrismc

If you are going to shop at a discount store or general sports store the assistance you receive may be of little or no help at all. It is important to get the correct bike frame fit for comfort and performance. Most sales personnel at the general sports store will have the customer stand over the top bar of the bike frame and see if you can easily straddle the bike with your feet on the ground.

This technique is not very helpful because it does not consider any type of special or unique physical traits about your physique. An example would be someone with a short torso and long legs. For people with long legs, it is possible to straddle nearly every bike. Simply straddling the bike does not mean that you will able to relax comfortably because of the ill fit between the seat and handlebars. The entire geometry and construction of the bike frame are important to fit. And the proper fit is extremely important to comfort.

Besides Comfort

Comfort is not the only consideration if you’re a racer. In fact, it might be among the last factors you take into account. Speed is not typically created from comfort, and recreational road bikes are created from a number of different configurations and components than bikes that are built for speed. Frames may be made of steel or aluminum, chrome-moly, or titanium and each of the different metals have distinct advantages of strength and weight. Frame geometry varies, also, with touring bikes featuring a lengthier top tube and vertical base compared to skittish racing models.

So when you’re considering road bike frames, think over and above the paint. Make sure that you get a bike frame best suited both your body as well as your purpose.

It doesn’t matter if you do your research in a credible bike store or online, you’ll be happy you took enough time to find the right bike.