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Nike Cycling Apparel For Cold Weather



Bikers know how difficult it is to keep the most exposed body parts warm while riding; hands and feet are the first to need protection during cold weather and Nike cycling apparel items could be the right choice for you. Nike thermal gloves could make a great choice to help protect your hands from the cold bite; yet, when choosing a model, it is good to take into consideration the warmth of your hands first and foremost. A biker with very warm hands is exposed to overheating and sweating, therefore, only choose a Nike cycling gloves model if you think it suits your physical structure.

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Bicycle Gear: Some Basic Tips

Cycle Gear: Some Basic Tips

Though everybody thinks about proper clothing when it comes to bike trips, cycle gear is just as important for the proper and comfortable development of your tour. There are a few items that represent an absolute must when talking about cycle gear, and they include: a shell, a helmet, a wind stopper, glasses and so on.

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