Cycling Gear Designed For Amateur And Professional Alike



For the biker who participates in competition, simple weekend bike ride, or a leisure bike tour, there is cycling equipment and gear that is an absolute must. There are items that are the absolute minimum that should be carried to give any rider the sense of safety and comfort.

The first item that should be considered is the water bottle. With any type of cycling, you are going to be burning calories and it is mandatory that an ample supply of water is always available. The problem is that you are not going to be always near a place where fresh water can be easily obtained. Therefore, it is important that water must be brought with you in some type of container. It is important to note recent innovation has changed the water problem from simply carrying a water bottle.

The biggest solution to the water problem is the hydration reservoir system that is attached to the cycle itself. This is a major improvement to the water problem because the reservoir does not need to be filled as often. They have designed these systems so that they are easy to clean and refill and the cyclist can now travel further distance between refills.

In order to provide a safe antibacterial usage, the reservoirs use a form of silver ions throughout the system, even in the delivery type that the biker uses. The system helps to prevent almost 100% of any and all fungi and bacteria that may be present and thrive even on hot and humid rides. The beauty of hydration systems such as this is the ease with which the biker can be hydrated. All they have to do is take the tube and bite and sip.

Another important element of the necessary cycling gear is bright led lighting system and the appropriate efficient bike reflectors. This type of equipment should be mandatory for any type of biker. This equipment enhances the safety of the rider and can be potentially a lifesaver at times. This equipment is an absolute must.

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It is important that when purchasing safety lighting equipment you are aware of the functional lifetime of the lights for each use. It is silly to be lights that have a battery that might go dead before you complete your ride. that is definitely true of rides that might extend into the night hours. These lighting systems are generally mounted on the bike stem and are not heavy. The aerodynamic effect should be minimal for anyone involved in bike racing.

There is other cycling gear that may be specific to body types or the gender of the rider. Backpacks are a prime example of this since they are constructed to fit different body types. Another prime difference of cycling gear construction differences is the bicycle saddle structure.

Types of cycling clothing are also affected by body types and gender. The shoes for women are built differently than for men. Women shoes have a completely different design and construction around the heel than a man. The shoes can be made out of the same material, with the same type of sole, closure but the shoe design is completely different.

These are some of the things that such be considered when getting your cycling gear together to ride in whatever event or occasion you are preparing for.